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Your Codex

Your Codex (6.75"x10" or 17cm x 25cm) consists of:

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Back Cover of Your Codex
Back of Your Codex

redball.gif (326 bytes)A hard cover showing a stela and Maya calendar wheel
redball.gif (326 bytes)Foreword
redball.gif (326 bytes)An Introduction to POPOL VUL, the Sacred Book of the Maya
redball.gif (326 bytes) An Introduction to the Maya Numbering System
redball.gif (326 bytes)How the Long Count is Made
redball.gif (326 bytes)A Description of the Lords of the Night
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A Graphic Description of the Maya Calendar Round
redball.gif (326 bytes)An Explanation of the Haab Calendar
redball.gif (326 bytes)How to Read Your Stela
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Your Custom Stela on Amate Bark Paper, the Paper Used By Ancient Maya
redball.gif (326 bytes)An Adobe PDF File of your Custom Stela

redball.gif (326 bytes)A Custom, Personalized Explanation of Your Important Maya Date
redball.gif (326 bytes)Your Maya Horoscope
redball.gif (326 bytes)Other Famous People with your Maya Sign

redball.gif (326 bytes)Bibliogaraphy of Maya Readings

Reading Your Codex
Reading Your Codex
(2 sided)

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Codex Front Cover
Front of Your Codex

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