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We believe that the glyph above, which has been recently translated as Ah Ts'ib, the Scribe, is an excellent choice to describe our company.  The Maya  Scribes were the wise and skillful artists who dedicated their lives to painting the Sacred Codices (books) and beautiful ceramic vessels. These great works still retain their beauty even by today's standards.

Ah Ts'ib embodies the characteristics we choose to emulate.We combined the ancient knowledge and spirit of the scribes with a sophisticated computer program. Skilled workers under the supervision of an archaeologist use traditional materials to create a quality crafted remembrance of your Maya journey into time.

You can purchase any of the items below by going to the order page.

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We specialize in creating a personal Codex for you. The Codex has hand made and hand painted stucco covers which protect the eighteen screen-fold pages that explain the wonderous Maya calendar. Also included is a custom stela of any date of your choice.  This stela is created on amate bark paper, the paper used by the ancient Maya.  The Codex also contains a detailed explanation of your chosen date, the corresponding Maya horoscope, and a list of other important people with your Maya sign.  The Codex is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese versions.

Cotton T-shirts with your personalized date are available in most sizes.

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11 Oz. mugs with your personalized date.

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We have permission from Justin Kerr to reproduce his famous Maya vase photographic rollouts on our 11 oz. mugs.  You can select the design you want by visiting the rollout library by clicking here.

We guarantee your satisfaction in the production of your personal Codex. We hope you will appreciate our work and dedication to it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. 

Thank you.

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